Bailey James, Article Sharpener


Bailey James @RecessiveGeneQ
Queens, New York

Bailey is something of a disaster in the kitchen; her level of competency peaked at age two, when she assisted her mother by banging on pots and pans on the floor while real cooking was happening above. Ever since, she’s been trying to make up for lost time and spectacularly botches such complex culinary mysteries as quesadillas and grilled cheese on a regular basis. Fortunately, she’s better at writing than food preparation and serves as Silver Spork’s editorial wrangler of wily diction in addition to working as a marketing assistant at a textbook imprint of Macmillan. She also writes video game reviews over at and can usually be found snacking on cheese in her Queens apartment.


The Best and Worst Food at a Birthday Party

  There's more than one important September birthday in the Sporkiverse. My good friend and article sharpener of this publication, Bailey ...
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Lay’s Do Us a Flavor: New York Reuben Chips Review

And then there was one. I hadn’t intended to eat an entire contest’s worth of chips in one week, but ...
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Lay’s Do Us a Flavor: Southern Biscuits and Gravy Review

Two bags in, I was losing hope in the Lay’s Do Us A Flavor Contest (if it’s possible to vest ...
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Lay’s Do Us a Flavor: Greektown Gyro Review

After I had my first bag (well, half a bag) of limited edition Lay’s Do Us A Flavor chips, I ...
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Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries (2)

Lay’s Do Us a Flavor: Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries Review

Potato chip alchemy is nothing new. Our favorite company for addictive salty snacks has taste-tested some downright weird seasonings in ...
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135_Green Tea Shortbread

Chocolate-Dipped Green Tea Shortbread Cookies

I’m no gourmet chef, so any recipe involving more than four minutes and a microwave is usually a no-go. It ...
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Spork Resolution Update: Oklahoma Cheeses

Visits home to Oklahoma are always a golden opportunity to prey upon a parent’s indulgent instincts. My family sees me ...
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Photo Essay: Rooftop Picnic

We at Silver Spork News don't like to stay inside. When the sun is out to play, we're on the ...
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