Banana Boats



So, we keep talking about how fucking frigid it is, but this is to be expected; it’s January. Chicago has turned into Chiberia, the term “Polar Vortex” is probably here to stay, and after we eat banana boats and fantasize about summer, we might stop posting articles that encourage people to hibernate, cook, and watch Netflix (probably not).

They say one trick to dealing with the cold is thinking warm. Lake house getaways, the tropical cruises, Florida, the beach, the pool, sipping margaritas, summer campfires, whatever, thinking warm will make you feel warmer, because science. For some reason, I tend to think about the face-melting summers spent at a camp in Michigan where we ran around without AC for 1-2 months. Every so often, the camp counselors would take us on overnight camping trips where we would make banana boat desserts next to the fire. It was warm and delicious, and we’d rather be swatting at mosquitoes than hoping our eyelashes don’t freeze right now. So, in an effort to recreate scorching summer memories, we’re making banana boats. They’re super easy and delicious, so why the fuck not?

(Also, if you think it’s a stretch that I jumped from cruises to summer camp, blame it on the brain freeze I experience every time I walk outside.)

 Banana Boats

Peanut butter
3-4 marshmallows per banana
a bar of chocolate
Nutella (optional, strongly encouraged, but optional)

First, figure out how many you want to make. Obviously if you’re having a pseudo campfire party of one, just get enough for one banana. If you’re having a when-will-the-air-stop-hurting-our-faces party with your friends so you can warm up your apartment without spiking your gas bill, plan accordingly.

Then, decide how you’re going to cook these. These can be made in a toaster oven, a real oven, a fireplace, a real campfire, or whatever you want to do really. For an oven or toaster oven, pre-heat it to 350. Don’t use a microwave because you’ll be wrapping these suckers in foil. If you have an actual fire pit or fireplace, get that ready (but do we really need to tell you that? That shit should be raging right now if you have one).

Carefully peel one section of the banana almost all the way. You want this intact so you can close the banana back up.

Get a spoon and scoop out about half the banana, so you have a “boat.” Obviously, you should eat the part of the banana you scoop out, but if you’re making more than one or two, you have two options: (A) have each person make their own so they can have a pre-dessert snack, or (B) save the left over banana to make banana ice cream or banana bread or a smoothie. Whatever, just don’t waste that shit.

Spread peanut butter in the bottom of the boat. Go all out and add Nutella, too. New Year’s resolution be damned.

Put the marshmallows in. If you bought the really huge marshmallows, you’ll probably have to cut them in half to make them fit in the boat.

In between each marshmallow, put a piece of chocolate.

Close the peel “lid” and wrap the whole banana in tin foil. Put it in the oven/toaster oven for about 10-12 minutes.  Throw them in the fire for about the same amount of time. Don’t burn yourself getting them out.

Let them cool for a minute or two, unwrap them, and enjoy with a spoon.

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  • Must try!

  • Just letting you know that I tried this recipe, and it was a very indulgent treat — my recommendation would be to also toast them up a bit uncovered for a few more minutes; I mean I like my marshmallows nice and browned a bit so it’s just preference… But everything basically just melts into a delicious puddle

    11/10 would do this again