Birch Cocktail


Birkir-2-thumb-314x486-41905[1]Birkir liqueur is made from the Icelandic birch tree. If you think it would taste like a tree, you’d be right. But it’s a very tasty tree. Ya know, the kind of tree you want to eat. It comes in a beautiful bottle that usually includes a genuine birch twig. Though extremely popular in Iceland, it’s not exactly at every corner liquor store in North America. Purchase a bottle online if you’re cool, or if you want to pretend that you’re cool.

Birch Cocktail

1 oz. Birkir liqueur
2 – 4wedges lime, squeezed
drops of dill oil
tonic water

Preparation of the Cocktail
Rub a lime wedge across rim of the glass (use an Old Fashioned/whiskey glass) and dip in birch-smoked salt from Saltverk. Fill glass with ice cubes, 1 fl. oz. Birkir liqueur, 3 – 4 wedges lime (squeezed), and top with tonic water. Garnish with a lime slice and drops of dill oil.

This is a product of the Slippurinn restaurant in Iceland. Like them on Facebook here and follow them at @slippurinn.

The numbers might seem a bit strange and you may not have heard of some of the ingredients, but out of immense respect to the staff at Slippurinn the recipes have been recorded here according to their original recipes.

Post by Ian Sims.