Avatar the Last Airbender Recipes: Earth Kingdom Meat n’ Taters

January 6, 2016

  By Shannon Moloney Suggested song to play while cooking: Scraping Up The Pieces, by Twin Forks The Earth Kingdom, strong and proud. Not a nation, not a tribe, but a kingdom. It screams regality and authority. For this recipe I knew I needed something hearty. What could truly speak to the earth? Immediately I thought of potatoes. Potato in French is pomme de terre, literally translating to “apple from…


Pesto and Playdough

September 21, 2015

by Shannon Moloney Suggested song to play while cooking/baking: Midnight Rambler by The Rolling Stones Despite the fact that I cook more than I bake, I still like to bake. I like actually using my hands and putting all the ingredients together; baking gives me a chance to let out my inner mad scientist that is always clawing to add passion to precision. However, not to fool you completely, this…


Eat Like a Gilmore: Jalapeno Chipotle Macaroni and Cheese

September 14, 2015

By Nandini Ahuja Last night my left hand was in a bowl of milk. I left it in there for ten minutes while watching some Aziz Ansari standup and trying to ignore the sensation that my fingers were on fire. Before the milk, I had already doused them in mustard, coated them in Vaseline, and massaged them with yogurt and honey. No, I hadn’t burned my fingers in some horrific stovetop…


Artichoke and Spinach Mac and Cheese Casserole

July 29, 2015

Suggested song to listen to while cooking: 1940 by The Submarines My first article written for Silver Spork News was about mac and cheese, or really, cauliflower and cheese. Since then my horizons have expanded on this classic and versatile dish, and yes, it is thanks to my mom. Again. Anyone else notice how all I ever seem to talk about is cheese and my mom? But I digress. She…


Spontaneous Spicy Chicken Quesadilla

July 27, 2015

Suggested song to play while cooking: Misty Mountain Hop, by Led Zeppelin Dearest Sporkers, as you know from my previous articles, I talk about my family a lot and how they cook, particularly my mom and her strange yet fascinating ability to just throw shit together and come up with a mouth-watering dish only gods should dine upon. While my sister inherited this holy ability, I sadly did not. Nevertheless,…


Colombian Independence Day Ajiaco

July 21, 2015

Quick history lesson before you eat: on July 20, 1810, the discontented citizens of New Granada, South America — now the region known as Colombia — rebelled against Spanish rule and negotiated a temporary independence from their Spanish overlords, which eventually evolved into a permanent secession from the Spaniards and a right to rule their own country. I was fortunate to spend a few weeks during winter break in the…


Brick Chicken

So get ready for crazy…this is something I never thought I would do in the kitchen. No, not that! Dirty minds! I am talking about making fried chicken without using the regular breaded deep fryer method. I actually got this from a Blue Apron recipe but have changed it a little bit because I prefer not gnawing on bones like a dog. That’s right! The original recipe called for using…

July 14, 2015

Tofu and Chickpea Patties with Cucumber Mint Relish

Have you ever googled a random grouping of ingredients and hoped something delicious would turn up? Last week I did just that with tofu, chickpeas, and mint and found a recipe for Tofu and and Chickpea Patties with Cucumber Mint Relish, found on MyRecipes.com, originally from Oxmoor House. Everything about this dish is appealing to a greedy vegetarian like me. I want my meals hearty and flavorful, and I refuse…

July 13, 2015