Spook Troop Cookies

November 9, 2015

By Shannon Moloney Suggested song to play while cooking: Time Warp, from the Rocky Horror Picture Show Like many others out there, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Once a year, you can literally be anything. A person, a thing, a pun. What an opportunity to really express your creativity, either outright or subtly. I love the costumes, the debauchery, the mystery, and the candy. To get my coworkers…


Photo Essay: Lynd Fruit Farm

November 4, 2015

If there’s one thing I love about fall (beside watching Hocus Pocus and singing “This Is Halloween” at the top of my lungs) it’s apple picking. Ok, so apple picking has become an Instagrammed “Basic Betch” habit so pervasive it’s become self-mocking. But here in Columbus, apple picking is a tradition because of one place – Lynd Fruit Farm. Lynd’s is a massive orchard that grows everything from Honeycrisp, Golden…


Eggettes NY: A Modern Twist on a Nostalgic Treat

November 2, 2015

By Angeli Rafer   To be announced; currently based at the Hester Street Fair Hester and Essex Street New York, NY http://www.eggettesny.com/ $ There is nothing quite as powerful as the fond memories built around childhood foods. Maybe one day we’ll be able to rev up a time machine and zip on back to those exact moments when food memories were made–but until then, we just need to trust in…


Coconut Corn 10PM Soup

October 28, 2015

By Nandini Ahuja A few weekends ago, my parents were out of town, and I saw it as a golden opportunity to spend some time alone in the kitchen. I was planning to cook something straight from the random assortment of ingredients in the kitchen, a la Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off. Side note: I was a vegetarian by the time this movie came out and even so, that cereal-encrusted chicken…


Eat Like a Gilmore Girl: Rory Pancakes

September 30, 2015

Post by Nandini Ahuja Breakfast is fuel for the day. It’s the most important meal of the day. The most! This is something the Gilmore girls take very seriously if “fuel” means “sugar” and “day” means “one hour.” To pay homage to this wise daily Gilmore ritual, I made Rory Pancakes. Rory, the show’s quietly quippy lead, loves her daily pancakes at Luke’s full of chocolate chips and sugar. I…


Discover the NEW Tastes of Fall

Starbucks Fall Drinks
September 24, 2015

  They’ve done it. They’ve launched new fall flavors. Pumpkin Spice is still the rightful monarch of this café kingdom, but your favorite brand is adding some new faces to the royal court, and personally I’m pretty damn excited. Are you ready? On Wednesday they snuck two new drinks onto the menu in select cites throughout the United States. If you’re in a college town, you’re going to be treated…


Silver Spork Recommends: Sticky Rice

IMG_1418 (1)
September 15, 2015

Sticky Rice Lower East Side, Manhattan By Shannon Moloney My best friend, Tiffany, from back home (in good old NH) came a-calling a few weekends back, for a brief visit. A grand old time we had, indeed. On a breezy Saturday, as we nursed hangovers and roamed the sun-bleached streets of the Lower East Side, our tummies set to rumbling. We started a mission to find delicious margaritas to cure…


Eat Like a Gilmore: Jalapeno Chipotle Macaroni and Cheese

September 14, 2015

By Nandini Ahuja Last night my left hand was in a bowl of milk. I left it in there for ten minutes while watching some Aziz Ansari standup and trying to ignore the sensation that my fingers were on fire. Before the milk, I had already doused them in mustard, coated them in Vaseline, and massaged them with yogurt and honey. No, I hadn’t burned my fingers in some horrific stovetop…