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Dayna Brownfield @AfterTheHB
Columbus, Ohio

Dayna is a highly caffeinated freelance editor and writer. Aside from her commitment to the Midwest, she spends her time aggregating pop-culture and literary fiction.



Photo Essay: Lynd Fruit Farm

If there's one thing I love about fall (beside watching Hocus Pocus and singing "This Is Halloween" at the top ...
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S’mores Ya Later

By Dayna Brownfield Maybe it's the chocolate. Maybe it's the camaraderie of sitting around a campfire. Or maybe it's just that ...
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The S’mores Ya Know

This past weekend, I packed up my car and headed to the hills for a weekend bachelorette party - or ...
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A Coolly Caffeinated Chemex

See what I did there? I used alliteration - because I'm an English major and some university gave me a ...
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College Throwback: Marvin’s Garlic Cheeseburger

Last month I did something I never really thought I would do - mainly because the fact that I'm getting ...
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Snob of the Week: Coffee Snob

Much like the first of the snob series, I don't know how much of a coffee snob I really am ...
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From Balaboosta: Sneaky Noodles

So, I was flipping through Balaboosta the other night (ok, and by flipping I mean looking at the pretty pictures ...
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From Balaboosta: Rice Fit for a King

There’s something about cookbooks that make me believe in my ability to cook beautiful and masterful dishes. And while that’s ...
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