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Gabriele Boland
New York, New York

Gabriele is a superhero, lurking in dark bakeries and specialty stores, where she bides her time and waits to take on her arch-nemesis gluten. She is deadly with a pair of chopsticks and her plethora of produce. She chronicles her guides to beating gluten as a public service announcement to her other wheat-avoiding allies. In her spare time, she enjoys spouting random bits of trivia, reading every book she can, and collecting words like lackadaisical and twitterpated.
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Favorite Gluten-Free Finds of 2015

  By Gabriele Boland Being gluten-free, it’s quite difficult to try new foods with any spontaneity. There’s so much we can’t have,
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Glorious Gluten-free Glazed Donut Holes

By Gabriele Boland You know what’s hard about liking Dunkin Donuts coffee and being gluten-free? Not being able to order a
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bartaco: Gluten-Free Taco Heaven

By Gabriele Boland Very late in life, I have discovered my love of tacos. I blame a fear of the Taco
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How to Love your Vegetables

By Gabriele Boland If you’re like me and become gluten-free, you may experience the stages of grief while you mourn for
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Seven Ways to Turn Your Food Allergy into Food Awesomeness

I can’t tell you how often people start eating something in front of me, see me, and cringe. “I feel
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Gluten-Free Drinking: How to Best the Bar

So. You’re at the bar with your friends. They’re slamming back mugs of beer, which is full of our favorite
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Introduction to Baking Gluten-Free: Orange Yogurt Cake

Cooking is an art, and baking is a science. And that science turns into neuroscience or astrophysics when you’re baking
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Eating Out Gluten-Free

Picking out a place to go and eat gluten-free can be a nightmare. Especially when it’s so easy for everyone
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