Greek Orthodox Food Festival: Photo Essay


Hey there, Sporkers! We were really excited to get a chance to go to the Greek FUNstival this weekend in San Antonio. It’s held every year at the St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church and has been a crowd-pleaser for the past 54 years – that’s a lot of Greek food.

Though it was a whopping 95 degrees, that didn’t stop hordes of sweaty people from lining up in front of the church. The people were welcoming and even corrected our food orders, telling us we obviously shouldn’t get the kéftedes (meatballs) over the dolmádes (beef, rice, and herbs wrapped in grape leaves) … in the end, they were totally right.

In addition to the mouth-watering Greek cuisine, there were also traditional songs and dances performed by members of the church, and authentic music entertainment by Thymios and the Greek American Super Band. Look ‘em up. They’re awesome.

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Post by Grace Tweedy. Photos by Grace Tweedy and Leon Johnson.