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Kirsten Martin @EmojiGrandma
San Francisco, California

Kirsten loves snacks. In high school, she founded “Snack Club,” a discussion-based group dedicated to the thoughtful consumption and contemplation of snacks. She credits her days in Snack Club with giving her the vocabulary to think and write critically about food and its importance in our daily lives. Ever unemployed and currently chilling in Half Moon Bay, California, she divides her time between binge-watching teen dramas and dreaming up ways to spin her English major into something useful.


The Battle of the Burgers: In-N-Out vs. Five Guys

As a born and bred California lady, I feel it’s my obligation to align with #TeamInNOut. The franchise has yet ...
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Kirsten’s Guide to Food (and Beverage) Selfies

We’re all familiar with two of Instagram’s most popular genres: selfies and food porn. As a prolific poster of both, ...
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My Pilgrimage to Psycho Donuts

I love donuts. Donuts rule. In the classic Donut v. Bagel debate, I’m always the first to declare myself #TeamDonuts ...
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Sandwich Making is an Art, You Know  

“You ever go to Subway? You ever order a sandwich? Somebody put that together for you, dude. That’s art,” James ...
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The Manic Pixie Dream Dessert

Cupcakes are a thing. Or at least they were a thing. Crumbs made headlines in July when it announced that ...
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