Kylie Torres, Former Contributor

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Kylie Torres @Torrpk
Atlanta, Georgia

Kylie is in a serious relationship with carbs. She is also obsessed with Bloody Marys. Kylie is extremely committed to all things Disney and aspires to marry Agent Peggy Carter.

Kylie hails from Michigan but has no real home. She just sort of wanders from place to place. The only stable structure in her life is Starbucks, which she considers her holy place.

Kylie’s cooking skills come from her decision to go vegan in high school. No one in her family was vegan so she had to learn to cook. With that being said, Kylie has no vegan friends. If you’re a vegan please be her friend. She’s getting desperate. You guys can huff nutritional yeast flakes together and have hummus eating contests. She is a level 20 vegan, so if you’re below her ranking, please, do not inquire.



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