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Lian Weinstein @lian_weinstein
Brooklyn, New York

Sometimes Lian writes for Silver Spork News. Other times she just giggles in the background of meetings. Ya know, typical contribution stuff. Sometimes she gets unruly and the other staff members have to get out the spray bottle. And sometimes she rides little dogs. Poor little dogs…



Turkey Meatballs

I had a summer job at a Chicago chain restaurant called Portillo's, and every few days this very nice elderly ...
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Tuna Noodle Casserole

NYC is a fantastic place for food (unless you're looking for southern comfort food apparently). I almost never get bored ...
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Snob of the Week: Brownie Snob

As Silver Spork News' resident Chicagoan, I was asked to write an article about being a Chicago pizza snob, because ...
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Misadventures in Poaching Eggs

Eggs are a staple in my life. Maybe I’ve going to brunch too much [is that even possible?], where dishes ...
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Chipotle Mayonnaise: The Easiest Condiment Ever

Mayo isn’t really my thing. It’s just eggs, oil, and vinegar, but really look at it and tell me if ...
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Kraft Cheese: Chemical Nightmare

This week in food news, a "cheese product" got the stamp of approval from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics ...
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The Downfall of Decaf

My parents are very into coffee. My mom drinks it at all hours of the day, and my dad drinks ...
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Dark ‘N Stormy Recipe

Do you need another excuse to drink? No? Well we’ll give you one anyway.* March is quickly approaching, which means spring ...
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