Molly Johanson, Artist


Molly Johanson @DoingThePigeon
Queens, New York

Molly majored in Food and Birds during her undergraduate study, and her passion for both has persisted since moving to New York from her verdant Portland, Oregon home. Surrounded by Pigeons and dollar pizza, Molly spends her days cooking up design ideas for Silver Spork News. When she is not doing that, you’ll probably find her at the book store where she works, attempting to carry too many books saying “nah, it’s cool. I got it”. You can see more of her work at



Silver Spork News Anniversary

HOLY SHIT SILVER SPORK NEWS IS ONE YEAR OLD!! Whoa. Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system ...
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A Matzo Meal

This year, as I was shopping for Passover, I found myself facing a rather paltry selection of kosher foods. How ...
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Lunch Munchin’

Even though I’d been holding down a job for a few months, I had never quite gotten the hang of ...
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Six Months of Spork

  It’s hard to believe that we’ve already been sporking for six months now (if you don’t know what sporking means, ...
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Super Bowl Showdown: Taco Bowl vs. Bacon Bowl

It’s all anyone has been talking about for months, and many a mealtime game has led us to this moment ...
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Tragedy Lasagna

My aunt Nancy has a special recipe called Tragedy Lasagna. No, the food itself isn’t tragically bad, unless for some ...
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Eating on the Clock

Entering the real world is tough. Instead of going to class for two hours a day and then flopping around ...
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Sandwich Making is an Art, You Know  

“You ever go to Subway? You ever order a sandwich? Somebody put that together for you, dude. That’s art,” James ...
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