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Silver Spork Recommends: Giacomo’s Ristorante

 By Stephanie Cohen Giacomo’s Ristorante Boston, MA Note: While this review focuses on the North End location, Giacomo’s also hosts a South End version  (which takes reservations and is generally less-crowded) and a Melrose spot outside of the city(location soon-to-come). Penne with pesto cream sauce, shrimp, and chicken “The pasta is coming! The pasta is coming!” I’m pretty sure that’s what Paul Revere actually meant on April 18, 1775, due…

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Silver Spork Recommends: Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice Lower East Side, Manhattan By Shannon Moloney My best friend, Tiffany, from back home (in good old NH) came a-calling a few weekends back, for a brief visit. A grand old time we had, indeed. On a breezy Saturday, as we nursed hangovers and roamed the sun-bleached streets of the Lower East Side, our tummies set to rumbling. We started a mission to find delicious margaritas to cure…


Eat Like a Gilmore: Jalapeno Chipotle Macaroni and Cheese

By Nandini Ahuja Last night my left hand was in a bowl of milk. I left it in there for ten minutes while watching some Aziz Ansari standup and trying to ignore the sensation that my fingers were on fire. Before the milk, I had already doused them in mustard, coated them in Vaseline, and massaged them with yogurt and honey. No, I hadn’t burned my fingers in some horrific stovetop…


Blender Cakes

There is a strange subset of French cakes that is made using a particularly unusual method.  While most of baking is all about lightening– making the batter fluffier, softer, airier- these particular desserts hold to the exact opposite philosophy. The usual ingredients- sugar, flour, eggs, milk- are whipped together in a blender. The entire point is to create a light, thin batter, without a whiff of an air-bubble in sight….

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The S’mores Ya Know

This past weekend, I packed up my car and headed to the hills for a weekend bachelorette party – or as we affectionately came to dub it: The Baccha Loretta. And full disclosure, this weekend was…all about making cocktails, dinner, and snacks. That’s right, when my friends and I party, we ALWAYS make sure there’s a clear and definite meal plan laid out of home-cooked concoctions. Yeah, we’re awesome. I…


The Best and Worst Food at a Birthday Party

  There’s more than one important September birthday in the Sporkiverse. My good friend and article sharpener of this publication, Bailey James, is turning 24 today. Instead of telling her all about what it’s like to be that age, I’ve created a short guide for an ideal party-food situation (note: being 24 is a lot like being 23, but mostly you kind of wish you were 25.) Happy birthday, Bailey!…


Silver Spork News Anniversary

HOLY SHIT SILVER SPORK NEWS IS ONE YEAR OLD!! Whoa. Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system. Did you see the awesome logo in the upperleft that Molly Johanson prepared? Or the incredible cake art by Stephanie Cohen? One year ago today we launched Silver Spork News. Most places would try to handle age with dignity, but not us. I will, however, try to express this…