• Spook Troop Cookies
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  • Eggettes NY: A Modern Twist on a Nostalgic Treat
  • Coconut Corn 10PM Soup
  • Eat Like a Gilmore Girl: Rory Pancakes

Movie Eats: Summer 2014 Edition

What’s a movie without popcorn, right? Wrong. We’re over the extra butter and Milk Duds thing. Instead, consider whipping up a dish to go along with one of this summer’s newest releases. We’re still working on Steaks on a Train, but until then give these snacks a shot. Everything tastes better with thematic continuity. Snowpiercer: This dystopic sci-fi thriller about a world where the only surviving humans are organized by…


Ebola Dinner Party

If you’ve been watching the news lately then I know we’re thinking the same thing: Ebola has come to the United States and we’re all doomed. The West African disease has crossed the Atlantic to Atlanta, Georgia where Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol are currently under quarantine. We at Silver Spork hope that Emory University will be the perfect location for the discovery of an Ebola vaccine and aren’t…


Toast Take Down

Mark my word, Toast Take Down will be the next Food Network sensation. Cupcakes are so last season, cronuts had their 15 minutes, and kale is boring. Enter toast: that which was once the poor drunk college student’s liquid sponge and substitute for bird feed, is now the latest fetishized food trend. The toast craze may have started as an act of divine intervention after the Virgin Mary toast incident,…


Canna Oil Chemistry

Are you from Colorado? Eh, we believe you. Welcome to our new column, Silver Spork Edibles. We want to help you cook up the best possible edibles for you and your friends. Hell, you were gonna do it anyway, why not do it the Silver Spork way? Let’s get down to the basics. Don’t toss some ganja in some cookie dough and think you’re making edibles. What you would be…


Chocolate Chirp Cookies

Can you imagine feeling the soft furs of a honey bee graze your lips? The antennae of a cockroach tickling the roof of your mouth? The crunchy exoskeleton of a beetle sliding down your gullet? If not, then prepare for the future: insect consumption has come to America and it’s not leaving anytime soon. A holdover from non-Western countries who rely on the little critters for protein and a host…

by Molly Johanson

Letter from the Editor

Here’s the plan. This brand is going to sweep you off your feet, or at least tug at the carpet under you. We’re an irreverent brand, a little crass and a little sass. We’re here to chat with you about food and what it’s like to be a millennial. We’ll take you to new restaurants and show you new ways to use your kitchen. And then why not just learn…