Sexy Bran Muffins

December 21, 2015

  By Nandini Ahuja It’s hard to imagine a sexy bran muffin. Can you picture your bran in a two-piece swimsuit, lounging on a Caribbean beach? Or in a slinky red dress at the bar? Or taking a body shot off a friendly stranger? At this point, you may be picturing your gran, but remember, I said bran, and it’s entirely your fault that you’re thinking about gran. Anyway, when…


Ramadan Kareem

June 18, 2015

Last night was the start of Ramadan. And for those of you who were suddenly confused about that word, Ramadan is a month-long fast in Islam that is designed to allow for spiritual reflection and increased devotion. Now, when I was a young kid I thought this meant that Muslims starved themselves for an entire month. I was completely mystified. But then I grew up and started to understand the…


Haunted Trail Bites

It’s hard to imagine a time where one would get tired of candy, apple pie, butterbeer, caramel apples, or fizzy punches. Lord knows we at Silver Spork plan on getting our fill of these things this week (some may already have sugar-sober rides planned for Friday night). One thing that is for sure is that our mouths are going to need a break from all of the high-fructose corn syrup…

October 31, 2014