Veggie Roll-Ups

December 31, 2015

By Shannon Moloney Suggested song to play while cooking: Circles, by Soul Coughing The holidays are here! Every street is lit with green and red, jingle bells ring through the stores, menorah’s shed gentle yellow light. Magical, and usually frosted white—though this year was a snowless Christmas—the holiday times are for coming together. For family and gifts, and of course parties! Now the big question is, what do you bring…


Monkey Bread Pizza Bites

You have a group of friends coming over. Soon. But nothing to feed them, and you ordered pizza last time, and the time before that. Well, fellow Sporkers, I have a solution for you: pizza monkey bread. One of my go-to recipes for parties is this pizza monkey bread. It’s great to eat alone, but also easy to share with a large group of people. This recipe is also a…

October 23, 2014