Avatar the Last Airbender: Air Nomads: Chocolate Oreo Pie

January 15, 2016

By Shannon Moloney Suggested song to play while cooking (refrigerating?): Lost in my Bedroom by Sky Ferreira The Air Nomads. Interestingly their title describes the people rather than a sovereign state. If you hadn’t guessed from the anime’s title, the main character is an air bender, the last one in fact. Talk about an endangered species. The air nomads were peaceful monks. Stately beings in touch with their spiritual selves….


(Food) Of Montreal: Part One

August 18, 2015

My stomach suffers from just as bad of a case of wanderlust as my heart, soul, and mind do. So when I took a road trip recently with friends to Montreal, Canada, for the first time, we were excited beyond words for all of the alluring food options that awaited us after a five-hour drive and hour-long wait at the U.S.-Canadian border. While this article is a brief snapshot of…


Moroccan Pigeon Pie

Moroccan Pigeon Pie (or B’stilla) is famous for two things: being delicious and being an easy joke.   “Hey, I’m making pigeon pie tonight.” “Be-stilla my heart!”   And then you can feel guilty and realize that you’re not cool anymore or perhaps you never were to begin with. But hey, maybe not everyone will have the same revelation that I did.   Pigeon pie does actually contain pigeons. Wipe…

March 22, 2015

Brandied Pumpkin Pie

There are two things everyone wishes they had when Thanksgiving rolls around: pumpkin pie and a way to tolerate their loved ones. The trick is to mix some alcohol into that wishful pie. And if you’re looking for a suggestion of how to do it, we’ve got your back. Brandy is the liquor of cold temperatures. It’s perfect for every cold season out there, and Thanksgiving fits the bill (especially…

November 25, 2014