Avatar the Last Airbender Recipes: Earth Kingdom Meat n’ Taters

January 6, 2016

  By Shannon Moloney Suggested song to play while cooking: Scraping Up The Pieces, by Twin Forks The Earth Kingdom, strong and proud. Not a nation, not a tribe, but a kingdom. It screams regality and authority. For this recipe I knew I needed something hearty. What could truly speak to the earth? Immediately I thought of potatoes. Potato in French is pomme de terre, literally translating to “apple from…


A Drink To Make Mary Mary Quite Contrary Proud

My dad has a solution for everything. Bad day at work: take a shot of whiskey. Good day at work: take a shot of whiskey. Raining outside: take a shot of whiskey. Having family over for Thanksgiving: take a (double) shot of whiskey. Basically, my dad believes a little bit of whiskey can help with anything. It’s no wonder that my favorite go-to “grown-up” drinks involve whiskey – what can…

January 23, 2015