The Tyranny of Starbucks

November 18, 2015

By Kylie Torres Who cares about a red cup? Let’s focus on spelling. Honestly, this red cup drama has gone far enough. How about we talk about some real Starbucks news, like how they spell your name. This past summer I had the opportunity to travel in Ireland, the UK, France, and Spain. While in each country, I was sure to stop by a few Starbucks locations. Seeing how the…


Taste-Testing Starbucks Coconut Milk

The coconut milk is here! Starbucks has officially added coconut milk as an option to their menus nationwide. We tried it and Silver Spork News loves it! The coconut milk does not add an overwhelming coconut flavor to the drink. The milk is subtle and really lets the flavor of whatever beverage you’re adding it to stand out. In comparison to their other alternative milk option, soy, it is much…

February 23, 2015

Coconut Milk at Starbucks

Call out to all coconut lovers: Starbucks will start letting you add coconut milk to your beverages February 17th! That’s right. This is great news for all you vegans and omnivores alike. Well, that is, if you like coconut. The coconut milk will change the taste of your drink more than most traditional milks. But if the idea of a coconut milk mocha makes you drool, then get excited for February 17th….

February 8, 2015

The Great Debate: Coffee or Tea, Round One

We understand how hard mornings can be, Sporkers. So what’s your morning boost? Coffee or tea? I’m sure the Silver Spork community is fairly divided. But I’m a coffee drinker. And when I say coffee, I don’t mean a Venti caramel macchiato, extra milk, extra caramel, extra whip, hold the espresso. I mean black coffee. I’m also not a morning person. Anyone who’s tried to hold a normal conversation with…

January 9, 2015