Vanilla Chirp Ice Cream


Cricket Ice Cream Words

Everyone always says that vanilla ice cream is boring and bland. First of all, those people are wrong, and they’re idiots who can’t appreciate the richness of a rarefied flavor. But just for fun, we’re gonna silence the critics by staring them coldly in the eyes as we bite down on a spoonful of insects to prove our badassery. This normally smooth, creamy treat is getting two kicks: the first is a generous pour of Kahlua, and the second is a sprinkling of dry-roasted crickets. Expect a pleasing crunch and a light buzz.

Vanilla Chirp Ice Cream

1 quart vanilla (or vanilla-bean) ice-cream
1 cup of dry-roasted crickets
4 oz. Kahlua

Fill four bowls with heaping servings of vanilla ice cream. Sprinkle dry-roasted crickets on top and add 1 oz. of Kahlua (or more, really—nobody’s judging here). Serve and savor.

Post and Art by Bailey James. Recipe adapted from