Letter from the Editor


Here’s the plan. This brand is going to sweep you off your feet, or at least tug at the carpet under you. We’re an irreverent brand, a little crass and a little sass.

We’re here to chat with you about food and what it’s like to be a millennial. We’ll take you to new restaurants and show you new ways to use your kitchen. And then why not just learn how to be the coolest person in the room? We’re all in this together.

Our articles are going to talk about food in new ways. We’ll have recipes, of course, but keep an eye for dinner parties and life tips. Do you know subway etiquette? Or do you think you know subway etiquette? And every Thursday keep an eye out cuz it’s the big one. Thursday will feature lengthier articles to help set up weekend plans, and maybe just to make you laugh a little bit.

Get comfortable because once you’ve gone Silver Spork, you’re never going back.

Stick with us and you just might learn something.

Ian Sims
Editor ‘n Chef

Art by Molly Johanson.