Toast Take Down

Mark my word, Toast Take Down will be the next Food Network sensation. Cupcakes are so last season, cronuts had their 15 minutes, and kale is boring. Enter toast: that which was once the poor drunk college student’s liquid sponge and substitute for bird feed, is now the latest fetishized food trend.

The toast craze may have started as an act of divine intervention after the Virgin Mary toast incident, but it was refined on the West Coast. “Artisanal toast” is denser, heartier, and more expensive that your buttered day-old white Wonder Bread. Take, for example, The Mill in San Francisco. For $4 a slice, inch-thick homemade bread is served with locally made salted butter and pumpkin butter, berry preserves, or cream cheese.

But no self-respecting loaf-lover should ever have to pay as much for a singular slice of toast as they do for a loaf of bread; we certainly wouldn’t, but hell, why not make it “artisanal”? Why shouldn’t that token breakfast be Instagram worthy (#ToastArt, #JamGenius, #TheScreamOnSesame)? Why shouldn’t your toast be the best thing since… sliced bread? Here are a few ideas on how to transform your ordinary toast into artisanal toast:



Apricot Jam
Raspberry Jam


The Son of Man for the Sons of a Clever Dad

Green Apple
Cream Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
Roast Beef



American Cheese
Black Pepper Sauce


Black Square by Kasimir Malevich and broken toasters

An ageusiatic palette

Post by Eli Becker

*All food art images were taken from Ida Skivenes and her wonderful blog. The burnt toast came from heartmarisol’s tumblr page.