Movie Eats: Summer 2014 Edition


What’s a movie without popcorn, right? Wrong. We’re over the extra butter and Milk Duds thing. Instead, consider whipping up a dish to go along with one of this summer’s newest releases. We’re still working on Steaks on a Train, but until then give these snacks a shot. Everything tastes better with thematic continuity.

Snowpiercer: This dystopic sci-fi thriller about a world where the only surviving humans are organized by social castes on a train that perpetually circles the globe (we know, we know; it makes a lot more sense once you see it) imagines a world in which the poor eat slimy brown bars of gelatinous protein while the rich enjoy steaks. The protein bars get even less appetizing when the passengers discover they’re made of ground-up insects (clearly these people have never tried our Chocolate Chirp Cookie recipe). To channel the movie, throw a party and serve our Jell-O surprise: make one batch of gelatin with candy cockroaches, and one with the real insects. Cut both batches into squares and mix them together. Tell no one.

Boyhood: Imagine planting a watermelon seed and then watching it grow all summer. Boyhood is the gorgeous melon that you eat at the end. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching it blossom before your eyes, but once it’s gone you know it’ll never come back. And every year after this, all of your watermelons are going to rot. Boyhood, there can only be one.

The Fault in Our Stars: This one’s easy. Chicken noodle soup will take you back to simpler, sicker times as you’re watching a group of cancer-ridden teens waste away onscreen, and the taste of the soup won’t be compromised after it’s been watered down by a gallon of your salty tears.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Okay, this movie doesn’t really have food in it, but you’re gonna go see it so many times you’ll probably get hungry at some point. If The Avengers eat shawarma together after saving the world, how would the Guardians celebrate a victory? Pizza? Probably pizza. Probably a meat lovers that has broccoli on it. Because Groot’s a tree and Chris Pratt is, well, fill in the blanks. The kind of pizza that gets accidentally brought out to your table, and then you realize that it’s the best damn Marvel mov… I mean, pizza that you’ve ever had.

Disclaimer: Silver Spork does not actually advocate for the consumption of chicken noodle soup.

Post by Bailey James and Ian Sims. Art by Angeli Rafer.