Apple and Brennivín Cocktail

6667276499_5cd775aaef_z[1]We bet you know what apples are, but have you ever heard of Brennivín? It’s known as black death for a reason, so make sure you’re ready with some hangover cures or self-control. This is considered to be Iceland’s signature distilled beverage.

Can you get in in North America? Well, in early 2014 it began being imported in by Brennivín. Outside of this cocktail, you should serve it cold in a shot glass.

Apple and Brennivín Cocktail

1 oz. Brennivín
1 tsp. cane sugar
½ lime, chopped coarsely
1 tablespoon chopped green apple
apple juice
club soda

Preparation of the Cocktail:
Prepare like a mojito. Muddle together Brennivín, cane sugar, lime, and green apple. Add 3-5 mint leaves, fill glass with crushed ice and top with club soda and apple juice (ration of 50/50). Garnish with slices of green apple.

This is a product of the Slippurinn restaurant in Iceland. Like them on Facebook here and follow them at @slippurinn.

The numbers might seem a bit strange and you may not have heard of some of the ingredients, but out of immense respect to the staff at Slippurinn the recipes have been recorded here according to their original recipes.

Post by Ian Sims.