Innovative Nordic Cocktails

CocktailsLet us tell you about Slippurinn. Slippurinn is an Icelandic restaurant located on Heimaey Island in the town of Vestmannaejar. It is open four months of the year. To get to it you have to take a ferry or a plane from the main island.

Does it already sound incredible? Because it is. The other eight months of the year, Slippurinn’s staff travels around the world being bonafide culinary badasses. We had the pleasure of seeing four core members give a demo on innovative Nordic cocktails.

Gísli Matthías Auðunsson – Co-owner and Executive Chef
Indíönu Auðunsdóttur – Co-owner and Manager
Gísli Grímsson – Sexy Bartender, or Chef de Partie (a foreign term that I think we can all understand)
Aníta Ingólfsdóttir – Sous Chef

If you ever meet any of them, just know that you’re in the presence of greatness. Their cocktails are prepared with herbs that are freshly foraged on their island. You can tell that they’re a very conscious group, as Indíönu politely requested that we reuse the plastic cups they serve the drinks in. The cups, however, were all taken away by the serving staff, presumably to build a shelter for endangered species. Global warming, they explained, has a particularly strong effect on Iceland.

At Slippurinn, their cocktails are prepared with material that is unique to Iceland so they can best represent the Icelandic taste. But what might be the most extraordinary thing about Slippurinn is that they managed to bring their natural herbs through American customs with no trouble from the airport.

Instead of boring you with a long article about these innovative cocktails, we’ve decided to give you the recipes Slippurinn’s staff provided us with. You’ll never be able to make the drinks quite as perfect as them, but not everyone can grab cocktails halfway around the world. Check back once every hour on the hour for a new recipe.

Post by Ian Sims. Photo by Kaitlyn Spotts.