Sorrel Cocktail

SorrelSorrel is an herb with a sharp taste that brings a sweet and refreshing flavor to this cocktail. It’s also a term used to describe a color of horse, but I wouldn’t recommend eating those. Sorrel has been introduced to North American agriculture.

Sorrel Cocktail

1 oz. light rum
1 tsp. cane sugar
½ lime, chopped coarsely
2 oz. sorrel syrup
club soda

Preparation of Sorrel Syrup
Work in a blender and strain through a sieve 8.8 oz. sorrel, 17.6 oz. sugar, 33.8 oz. water, and lemon juice to taste.

Preparation of the Cocktail
Prepare like a mojito. Muddle together rum, cane sugar, and the coarsely chopped lime.
Add approximately 2 oz. sorrel syrup, fill glass with crushed ice, and top with club soda. Garnish with sorrel leaves or lime slices.

This is a product of the Slippurinn restaurant in Iceland. Like them on Facebook here and follow them at @slippurinn.

The numbers might seem a bit strange and you may not have heard of some of the ingredients, but out of immense respect to the staff at Slippurinn the recipes have been recorded here according to their original recipes.

Post by Ian Sims