Big Cricket

Twilley-Cricket-690What did we tell you? This bug thing is big, and it isn’t going anywhere, according to The New Yorker (who are always trying to ride our coattails—go figure). Big Cricket Farms, America’s first farm devoted to breeding crickets exclusively for human consumption is bringing the trend even closer to your kitchen.

The benefits of raising crickets are varied. For one, they have a pretty low bar when it comes to defining what makes a comfortable environment: they only need “an ambient temperature that hovers between eighty and ninety degrees Fahrenheit, ninety per cent humidity, and some cardboard or egg cartons to climb on.” The owners have had plenty of problems with the bugs, from designing adequate housing to dealing with jailbreaks (try not to imagine thousands of crickets streaming out of the facility and toward your house while you sleep).

We’re bound to see a lot more about bug consumption in the coming months as we see more startups with an antennae-oriented slant, but just remember that your favorite food site told you first, and gave you a recipe for Chocolate Chirp Cookies to boot.

Post by Bailey James.