Avocado Tomato Grilled Cheese

Healthy-Grilled-Cheese_CC_postEveryone’s been turning simple staples into deluxe eats, and Silver Spork is on board. Grilled cheese has also traded up from the classic cheesy toast/tomato soup combo. There are now restaurants dedicated to grilled cheese, such as Cheesie’s and Melt Shop. Obviously, delicious cheese nestled between toast is not going anywhere.

This grilled cheese will change your outlook on everything. It’s flexible and will never say it doesn’t love you.

Avocado Tomato Grilled Cheese

2 slices of bread—whatever kind you want, because this is AMERICA (the rest of the world can choose any bread type as well)
2 slices avocado
2 slices heirloom tomato
½ cup sliced cheese, cut a little extra for nibbling
1 tsp. butter—optional, I don’t know your life!
A George Foreman, skillet, griddle, hot slab of rock, whatever floats your boat.

Heat your cooking surface so that it’s nice and hot (medium heat for a skillet). If you’re using a skillet or a griddle, spray it with non-stick spray. But Silver Spork recommends butter, and don’t you be skimping on us. Spread a teaspoon in a bread sized section.

If you want (and you do want), butter both pieces of bread. The shine you’ll see on the toast will be the shimmer of joy, not grease.

Put a piece of bread (buttered side down) on your hot surface.

Load half the cheese onto that piece of bread and then add your avocado & tomato slices.

Put the rest of the cheese on and it will become a melted envelope of happiness. Pay attention to the bread so that it doesn’t burn.

Top it off with the last piece of bread (butter side up). If you’re using a George Foreman or panini maker, close the lid and wait about 3-4 minutes. Check every so often to see how melted and toasty everything is.

If you’re not using one of those, wait until the bottom part looks nice and melted (still probably 3-4 minutes). Grab a spatula and flip that sucker. You might need a fork or another spatula to hold the sandwich together. Wait about 3-4 more minutes, or until golden and melted.

You’ll know because the church bells will start ringing and angels will descend. Don’t give them your sandwich. You’ve worked too hard to let those freeloading birds ruin your meal.

Slide that toasted goodness onto a plate, and enjoy.

Post by Lian Weinstein.