National Taco Day Disaster

It came to my attention earlier this week that a very important holiday is upon us. No, it’s not Halloween or Thanksgiving – we’ve BARELY started October, people! I’m talking about National Taco Day. What?! A day dedicated to delicious meats wrapped in warm, soft tortillas?! Yes, my friends, this is America; of COURSE there’s a day dedicated to tacos.

There’s one thing we need to agree upon before going any further: street tacos are the shit. Though I could never prepare such delicious food without putting myself and others at risk, I can appreciate the serious spices and taco “know-how” that go into making these delicious treats. When I first decided to write this article, I planned to impress you with a street taco masterpiece that would get you to walk, drive, fly, or apparate to San Antonio just so you could get your hands on it. But, alas, not all things go according to plan.

Story Time: I roped my friends into trying out a Mexican Cantina that I had visited before (my first mistake was that I had not gotten tacos at this establishment before). I thought it’d be super fun if Silver Spork got to witness my friends’ awe-inspired looks when they put those delicious tacos in their faces.

The restaurant

We arrived at our destination and pored over the menu until we found the perfect meals – two people pussied out and decided to get something other than tacos. While giving them my best scowl, I told them they had ruined my angle for the article. Little did I know that I would be my own undoing.

I ordered fish tacos (my second mistake), while my friend got bistec. No one cares what my other two friends ordered (traitors). I had never had fish tacos before and I thought I knew what I was getting into. I mean, fish is delicious and who doesn’t love tacos? The combination must be pure art! NOT SO.

My fish tacos came out accompanied by an overwhelming smell of fish and it wasn’t the good kind of fish that makes your mouth water. I know this sounds silly, but I was expecting to smell spices, mesquite, fresh tortillas! They looked really, REALLY good, though. I figured I could get over the smell.

IMG_1073 (2)Rookie mistake.

Though my tacos had lots of delicious pico de gallo and lime, there was no way to mask the smell of fish. When I finally took a bite of my smelly meal, the fish was like warm sawdust in my mouth. Worst thing ever.

Free advice: In the end, if you have a really bad taco, you can usually save it by putting a shit ton of other stuff on them. GUACAMOLE SAVES THE DAY.

IMG_1074 (2)My friend’s tacos, however, were the absolute bomb diggity. Her tacos had bistec, queso, onions, and cilantro and were on warm corn tortillas. They smelled HEAVENLY. She was nice enough to let me steal one (I traded her one of my fish tacos before I knew they were disgusting – I’m not THAT mean). The cheese was stringy and the onions and cilantro gave the steak a nice kick. Holy mother of taco, those bistec tacos were amazing.

Moral of the story: if you’re feeling adventurous on National Taco Day, be sure to do it with a friend who doesn’t mind eating your leftovers if you make a poor choice (secondary moral: steak > fish). Now, get out there and celebrate!

IMG_1070 (2)Also, margaritas are the shit and must accompany any Mexican meal. It’s science.

Post and photos by Grace Tweedy.