Herbie’s Herbs and Seasonings: Chili Powder


Herbie here, and I’ve got something to tell you about chili powder. Chili powder isn’t good for cats. Not my jam really. But it usually goes with chilies, big surprise there. But it’s a much more versatile flavor than it would have you believe. As the remains of the chili pepper, you’d think people could find more than vats of meat to dump it in.

But chili powder includes cumin, oregano, garlic powder, and salt. It’s a very complex seasoning. Chili powder is used to add pungency to the food.

Fuck it

How about some chili powder dessert? Chocolate Chili Truffles get their kick from the chili powder and make it delicious. Spicy and chocolate? Don’t share it with your cats if you have any. I know it would probably burn my tongue. I’d have to spend days lapping at the bowl.


I’ve also heard that you can use it to blacken chicken. But put the smoke detector outside when you do. It’s gonna make a mess. I’ve stolen pieces of chicken that fell to the floor and damn were they good, but way too spicy for me. I ate the whole thing anyway. You only live nine times, amiright?


Oh! I remember watching my owner making spaghetti with chili powder. She wanted to give the sauce a smoky flavor so she added a teaspoon in with her sauce. She accidentally tripped over me and dropped some sauce off a spoon. I got a few licks before she wiped it up. Smoky, just like she wanted.

chili-powderRespect the chili powder and the chili powder will respect you. It’s a delicious meal that can be sprinkled on a sandwich or on some unflavored tortilla chips. Consider your life improved.

Post by Ian Sims.