Ravenclaw Cocktail and Shot


Good ol’ Ravenclaw creativity and originality were used to create these tasty drink recipes to honor the house that prizes wisdom and wit above all. Sure, our Luna gets a lot of teasing for her quirks, but she’s a Ravenclaw through and through, as are we all. But even the most motivated of students need a break from the books every once in a while, especially after beating Hufflepuffs at Quidditch. That’s something we can celebrate!

The Kant

This classy blue drink is inspired by the Ravenclaw’s calm intelligence. What Ravenclaw wouldn’t want to relax in their common room with a classy drink like this? (Not that we condone underage drinking, of course.) Add a few frozen blueberries to keep it chilled and you’re in business. Then again, a true Ravenclaw will be able to use a well-placed Glacius spell to cool down any drink that’s creeping towards room temperature.

The drink is named after Immanuel Kant, renowned scholar and philosopher. If you don’t know who he is… well, you’re probably not a Ravenclaw and you’re definitely not taking Muggle Studies.

½ ounces DeKuyper Blueberry Schnapps Liqueur
½ ounces UV Blue
Champagne or white wine
Frozen blueberries (around 10)

Pour the DeKuyper Blueberry Schnapps and UV Blue into a white wine glass. Add frozen blueberries, anywhere from zero to 10, depending on your taste. Slowly pour the champagne or white wine over the mixture. While the sweet blueberry and blue raspberry of the DeKuyper and UV Blue vodka mixes well with the semi-sweetness of a Riesling or Moscato, feel free to mix them into champagne instead. If you’re careful, the heavier liqueur will sink to the bottom, leaving the wine clear on top.

Tip: Try this drink with blue Curaçao or Hpnotiq for an orange or tropical flavor, respectively.

Rowena’s Revenge

Now we’re going to get really fancy. This vanilla citrus and blueberry flavored brew is a layered shot, ladies and gentlemen. If, like a true Ravenclaw, you can brew this potion correctly to get it to layer, you’ll have yourself a house-loyal blue and bronze shot. Anything with 151 in it should have a vengeful name, so this particular shot is called Rowena’s Revenge. Revenge for what, you ask? Probably for her stolen diadem, but I guess we’ll never really know.

½ oz DeKuyper’s Blueberry Liqueur
¼ oz Tuaca
¼ oz Bacardi 151

Pour in the Blueberry Liqueur first. In a separate glass, mix the Tuaca and 151, then, using a (bar) spoon, slowly pour the Tuaca-151 mixture over the DeKuyper’s. If poured correctly, the Tuaca-151 will float atop the DeKuyper’s.

Post and recipes by Brittany DeSalvo. Art by Angeli Rafer.