Halloweentown Witches Brew


October 17, 1998 lives in my mind as the day Halloweentown premiered and cinematic history was made. Forget The Luck of the Irish, Under Wraps, or The Ultimate Christmas Present. Hands down, of all the holiday-themed DCOMs, Halloweentown is the BEST. If you don’t know what a DCOM is, what were you doing during your childhood?

So the whole point of the movie is to stop the bad thing from happening, i.e. Kalabar from dominating the human race. No big deal, right? Well luckily the solution to this problem is simple: just light Merlin’s talisman, make it past Kalabar, and place it in the jack-o’-lantern in the town square. All Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie have to do to light the talisman is make some witches brew, but not the instant stuff because of course the spell works better when it’s made from scratch. So easy a child can do it, and does.

I could write a recipe for chocolate chip cookies or fried chicken, but what’s a better way to honor a children’s movie than with an alcoholic beverage? We could go for the classic brew, vampire fang, hair of a werewolf, and sweat of a ghost, or something with ingredients that don’t require a quest. A witches brew inspired by Kimberly J. Brown’s finest film, which spawned three sequels, and is guaranteed to leave you glowing like Merlin’s talisman.

Witches Brew

2 bottles chilled champagne
1 gallon orange juice
½ gallon orange or lime sherbet
1 bunch peeled black grapes
Sugar to taste
2 liters of 7UP, Sprite, or ginger ale
½ bottle vodka
Small pieces of dry ice
Bunches of grapes for garnish

The steps are so easy even a goblin could do it. First combine champagne and orange juice in a large punch bowl. Scoop sherbet into bowl, foam will appear on top. Add sugar to your preferred taste.  Float peeled grapes into brew and garnish the bowl with the leftover grapes. Finishing touch is to drop in pieces of dry ice for a fog effect.

As Grandma Aggie says, “You just have to want it and let yourself have it.”

photo 2

Post by Maude Campbell. Recipe and photo from The Family Groove.