Procrastinator’s Halloween Candy Craft

Halloweekend is upon us, and while many of us might be out in the pumpkin patch for The Great Pumpkin, others will be hosting and attending parties. In celebration (and to lend a hand to my fellow procrastinators), I wanted to pass along a SUPER easy Halloween candy craft: Ghost Lollipops.
I first learned how to do this craft when I was in college. My school has a heavy Greek presence on campus and during Halloween the fraternities and sororities put on a “Greek Street Trick or Treat” for professors and local kids. My sorority has an annual tradition of making lollipop ghosts with the kids. It is fun, quick, and requires very little materials — and can be done in 5 steps!
photo 1
Step 1 – Gather together your four materials. This includes a lollipop, tissue, ribbon, and marker.
photo 2
Step 2 – Place the tissue over the lollipop. You might want to tear the tissue in half (this makes more tissues for you to use).
photo 3
Step 3 – Tie the ribbon around the top end of the lollipop stick (where the sucker meets the stick).
photo 4
Step 4 – Draw a face onto the sucker part of the lollipop. If you want something fun, try adding googly eyes, just remember that will require glue.
Step 5 – ENJOY! Marvel at your handiwork and be sure to tell everyone how you made these amazing lollipop ghosts by hand!
Post and photos by Dayna Brownfield.