What’s Old Is New Again: Drinking Mead


I have never seen mead enjoyed more in any hall on earth” – Beowulf (2015-16)

When I was reading Beowulf for class, my professor describe the Great Hall as, “like the best frat party EVER!” It was rambunctious, fun and full of the best drink ever: Mead.

And while I have not had the chance to go to a great hall filled with legendary Anglo-Saxon folk heroes, I do agree that somehow, places with mead are awesome.

I was introduced to mead when a local brewer decided to open a meadery* in my favorite part of Columbus and a friend (and craft beer aficionado) insisted that we go and party like Vikings.

And so my love with mead began!

A little insight into mead, since most people don’t know much about it: mead is one the oldest types of alcohol and is made by fermenting honey with water. Think of mead as honey wine. Different flavors can be made through additives, basically adding different spices and extracts.

For example, one of my favorite meads is called Ginger Verve (wildflower mead, vanilla, ginger, lavender and chamomile). But since it’s fall, I am ALL ABOUT Apple Pie Mead (apple cider, wildflower honey, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove).

So, if you are looking for a something new, check out local stores, bars and restaurants for mead. It might be old school but mead is a seriously delicious new threat to contemporary drinks.

Post and Photos by Dayna Brownfield.