Watermelon Socks Review

IMAG2293News blast! I was putting on my watermelon dress socks for the first time the other day and I noticed something. There was a smell, a delicate sense that was tingling my nose. The scent of the watermelon, one last whiff of summer as the first assault of snow begins. They might be socks, but frankly these things smell kind of good.

They were on clearance at Target and I figured, two dollar socks? Might as well. I tossed them in the cart and paid for everything up front. Then on the train I thought I smelled something like candy before it quickly faded away. After I got back I tossed my bag off to the side and forgot about it.

Three days later, I decide to bust out the watermelon socks. As I’m pulling one sock on, I start to smell watermelon. I dismiss it as a trick of the mind. But when I’m putting on the second sock, I realize there’s more here than meets the eye. I grab the tag and read about cellesence, the scented sock.


I take my socks up and hold them to my face. I close my eyes and inhale deeply. Suddenly I’m in a field of watermelons taking in this pure smell. And when it starts to fade, I take another deep breath.

Watermelon Socks from Target smell like Watermelon. You can’t make this shit up. They’re comfortable, male dress socks and I would recommend them to everyone.

And I know what everyone is thinking. “These socks must smell terrible at the end of the day.” I’ve got news for you. Even after hours of wear, these magical shoe jackets continue to smell like a freshly cut melon. Now when I take my shoes off at the end of the day, I’m treated to the sweet smell. And good news, everybody, they hold up in the wash.

With a gimmick like this, you can never be sure how long the material will last. But even if they only last a week I would still consider this a sound investment.

But maybe that’s why I’m not a stock broker.

Watermelon Socks 5/5

Post and photo by Ian Sims.