Silver Spork Thanksgiving Update


I have a lot of things to be thankful for this year, but the top of that list is Silver Spork. I won’t waste your time with a list of everyone who has helped make Silver Spork News since it would start to feel like an Academy Award acceptance speech, but there would be no music to cut me off. It would drag. That’s for damn sure.

But Silver Spork News has been the product of an imaginative community who has been contributing and participating since before day one. We’ve only had a couple of holidays to strut our stuff, but expect continuing coverage of major holidays and events as the seasons roll by.

This Thanksgiving we hope you took the time to prepare one of the dishes that we’ve published on our site. Whether it’s the whiskey glazed roasted turkey or the smashed sweet potatoes with garlic lemon aioli, we promise to continue bringing exciting recipes that push the boundaries of food. We’ve brought you the Season of Squash, familiar recipes with a new twist, and seasonal food news. Silver Spork is here to be your source for all things food and to satiate any appetite.

Given that Thanksgiving is a holiday of food, we at Silver Spork hope you have an exciting day of cooking and eating. If you discover an amazing recipe, write it down and send it in to our site. We would love to continue growing our bank of recipes with your help.

In a season of hefty news, take a day off and eat more than you’re supposed to. Seriously. Binge eat. We’re condoning it and we’re pretty much experts. But don’t forget to try as many new things as you can.

Stretch your limits, sporkers, not just your pants.

Ian Sims
Editor ‘n Chef

Art by Angeli Rafer.