Thanksgiving Leftover Leftovers Nachos

turkey-nachos-main-600x600 By now you’ve been valiantly plowing away through your Thanksgiving leftovers and you’re not sure you can ever look at another slab of turkey again. Sure, things were easy when breakfast consisted of massive slices of cold apple pie smothered in cranberry sauce, but once you’d spent a few meals trying to repurpose the soggy parts of the stuffing, the abundance of hearty winter food was starting to feel like a burden on your soul. Have no fear! Silver Spork is here to make the last dregs of Turkey Day taste as good as the main event itself by transforming them into arguably the best food there is: nachos. It’s as simple as combining a few of your scraps with some nacho basics and you’re good to go. By the time you’re done you’ll be wishing it was Thanksgiving all over again.

Thanksgiving Leftover Leftovers Nachos

Thanksgiving Ingredients (as many as you have left)
Mashed potatoes
Cranberry sauce

Nacho Ingredients
Sour cream

Layer chips along the bottom of an oven-safe pan and sprinkle with leftover stuffing and turkey (you can crisp the turkey in advance for added texture). Add mashed potatoes, gravy, cheese, and jalapenos and put the tray in the oven at 425 degrees until the cheese melts and the potatoes are sufficiently warm (should take 10-15 minutes if you’re doing it right). Once the nachos have cooked in the oven, add your cold ingredients (sour cream and cranberry sauce) and you’re ready to dig in.

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