Seventh Day of Christmas: Icy Combos

Remember that song about the Twelve Days of Christmas? Sure you do. There were some drummers, some birds, some rings… Yeah, it’s not that important. That’s why we’re giving you our own take, one number a day until Christmas, so that you can celebrate the holidays by making something you’d actually want to eat. Now get counting and cooking.


It’s day seven of Christmas, but instead of 7 swans-a-swimming we’re bringing you 7 Icy Combos. Frozen style.

Let it freeze! Let it freeze! Can’t stand watery drinks any more!  

If there’s one thing traveling taught me, it’s that no one gets as excited about ice as Americans. There’s nothing more refreshing than an ice cold glass of lemonade filled to the brim with ice cubes.

We looked into making ice that never melts but Elsa wasn’t willing to share her secret. But we’ll do one better, Sporkers! Here are 7 Icy alternatives for your drinks. And yes, they mainly involve alcohol.


Seven Ice Cube Substitutes

  1. Ice Cold Chocolate Milk. Admit it. We’d all much rather be drinking chocolate milk than regular milk. But we’re adults now. Freeze some chocolate milk in ice trays. Add a few cubes to a glass of milk. As they melt, your boring white milk turns into chocolate! Also a fun way to get kids to drink milk.
  1. Bailey’s and Coffee. Make some strong coffee and pour into ice cube tray, freezing overnight. Then add some coffee cubes to a glass of Bailey’s. Enjoy your winter-themed drink and when the “ice” melts, it won’t water down your Bailey’s!
  1. Fruity Cubes. Swap out your ice cubes for these fruity cubes. Grab a bag of frozen fruit from the store or buy fresh fruit and freeze overnight (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries work best). Plop a small handful of frozen fruit in champagne or white wine for a sweet taste and beautiful drink. And once you’ve finished your drink, you have a delicious alcohol-infused snack. Enjoy!
  1. Lemon water. I like lemon water, but I hate when the lemon falls into my water and the seeds swirl around in my drink. The solution? Freeze lemon juice in an ice cube tray. Drop one in your water for that refreshing lemon flavor without those floating seeds.
  1. Mocktail Cubes. Put a few blackberries or blueberries in an ice cube tray and pour plain or flavored seltzer water around them. Freeze. Add these mocktail cubes to a glass of seltzer water or juice!
  1. Cocktail Cubes. It’s hard to always have fresh herbs on hand. But sometimes you need a cocktail after a long day of work. The trick? Freeze water over fresh herbs, like mint or cilantro. Plop one or two in a glass for a fresh cocktail without the hassle.
  1. Champagne Cubes. Freeze champagne to add some fizz to your drink. These cubes taste delicious in sangria, or add them to champagne so it doesn’t get watery as they melt. If you’re more of a wine person, make wine cubes!

Let us know what other icy combos you’ve tried, Sporkers! And keep cool.


 Post by Katie Paige. Photos from the swirling vortex of Google images.