Eighth Day of Christmas: 8 Milk Substitutes

Remember that song about the Twelve Days of Christmas? Sure you do. There were some drummers, some birds, some rings… Yeah, it’s not that important. That’s why we’re giving you our own take, one number a day until Christmas, so that you can celebrate the holidays by making something you’d actually want to eat. Now get counting and cooking.

vegan milk alternatives

Today is the eighth day of Christmas, meaning we have eight maids-a-milking. This year the maids are not just milking cows–they are also delicately milking little almonds and hazelnuts. That’s right, hazelnuts. You thought cows were the only thing being milked during the holidays? You were very very wrong.

There are many different types of milk outside the traditional one. Don’t limit yourself to just cow’s milk this year during your holiday festivities. There are aisles dedicated to plan-based milks in health food stores. Literally aisles. Here are our top eight recommendations for you to go out and try this season:

Soy Milk
This milk is the classic go-to for most people when using plant-based milk. And why wouldn’t it be? Regular flavored soy milk is a great substitute for almost any of your cooking needs. From cookies to mac and cheese, this milk alternative is perfect. If you’re feeling a little crazy, soy milk also comes in a few flavors. One of our favorites is very vanilla; it has a strong vanilla taste and pairs well with sugar cookies. Chocolate soy milk is also a favorite. If you’re feeling extra crazy, throw some Kahlua and chocolate soy milk in a mug, microwave for 30 seconds, and sip on it while your family is questioning you on your future life goals during the holiday.

Almond Milk
So you’re soy intolerant, huh? No worries, a lot of people are. Almond milk is a less common go-to than soy, but has all the same great qualities. You can use this milk in baking or cooking. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in very vanilla yet, but, you can still add Kahlua to the chocolate flavor for a nice little Christmas getaway.

Hazelnut Milk
You’re welcome. I just changed your life. I bet you’ve been too busy drinking cow’s milk to even realize this existed. Hazelnut milk. It’s as delicious as it sounds. The milk has about the same consistency to it as soy and almond, but is full of hazelnut flavor. Hazelnut milk doesn’t come in chocolate or vanilla because it doesn’t need to. This milk is perfect to drink straight from the container. You could use it in baking but keep in mind that it will alter the flavor of what you’re cooking. If you’ve been naughty this year, leave a glass of this out for Santa. You just might not get that lump of coal.

Sunflower Milk
I bet you didn’t know sunflower milk existed either. Sunflower milk is unique because it is very thin. The milk almost has a water-like consistency. We don’t recommend this milk for baking or cooking, and to be quite frank it is quite bland straight out of the container. Sunflower milk is great for recipes that call for water but you want to add a little more pizzazz to. Sunflower milk works well in things like crepes and pancakes.

Coconut Milk
Coconut milk comes in a lot of different varieties. You can get it in a can or a box and there are different consistencies of it. The kind that is sold by the other plant-based milks in a box can be used in baking or for drinking. It goes swimmingly with bland cereals, like Cheerios. Extra thick coconut milk cream can be used in place of condensed milk in most recipes. The regular coconut milk in a can is perfect when cooking with curries to mellow out the spices and bring together the flavor. Be warned, coconut milk will change the flavor of whatever you’re cooking, so be sure it pairs well.

Rice Milk
This type of milk is similar to the sunflower milk. It is a thinner milk with a mild taste. But unlike sunflower milk, it is sweet. This milk could also be used in place of water in baking recipes. For an extra holiday treat you can throw some cinnamon and sugar into your rice milk as a shortcut to making Mexican Horchata.

Hemp Milk
This milk is unique. It has an earthy flavor and a thin but creamy consistency. This milk is perfect over a granola cereal or in a slow cooked oatmeal. Unfortunately, there’s no THC in it, but hey, maybe you could use it in a special brownie recipe and give the hemp milk its moment of glory.

Cashew Milk
This type of milk is a bit more elusive to find in health food stores than the rest. The milk has a mild taste, a bit similar to almond milk, but is thinner in consistency. If you can get your hands on it, it’s great in coffees. If you’re feeling really ambitious with your holiday cooking, cashew milk can be used to make vegan cheeses.

Post by Kylie Torres. Photo from Veggieful.com.