New Year’s Resolution: Let’s Get Real, Food Pyramid

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Something magical happened when I made the transition from living with my parents to living on my own.  I realized that I can cook and eat balanced meals. But over the years something has been happening. It snuck up on me like some sneaky sloth – which I imagine should be hard, but it’s such a slow shift that you don’t notice it until that moldy tree-hugger has wrapped its arms around you. I stopped cooking for myself and instead focused on how to get my meals quick.

Now, I’m not saying that I eat fast food. I pretty much gave up fast food (and most processed food) a few years ago. And whenever I think I really want some McNuggets, it always goes horribly awry. What I mean is that I started relying on local restaurants, canned soups, and microwave/premade meals from Trader Joe’s. Basically, I stopped going to the grocery store regularly. And while that is part of my New Year’s Food Resolution, there is a bigger one I need to address. Because when you don’t go to the grocery a lot, you tend to not have the basics like fruits and vegetables.

So my goal is to eat at least one fruit AND vegetable every day.

I mean seriously, it shouldn’t really be f*cking difficult to eat at least ONE fruit and vegetable a day.

While I figure out how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet besides just gnawing on carrots and pissing off coworkers with my loud chew-crunching, I thought I would share my first two tactics for tackling my NY Food Resolution.

  1. Eating (or cutting up and eating*) an apple for either breakfast or as a snack at work
  2. Making a simple salad to eat with my dinner

My 2015 is about getting myself as close to a balanced/Food Pyramid-approved diet as I can. Otherwise, I might have to start counting Red Vines as a fruit.

*Apple slices are my preferred method of eating because it’s easy to eat in the car when I’m driving (and probably running a bit late for work)

Post and Photos by Dayna Brownfield.