New Year’s Resolution: #Snack2015


A guy once told me he liked to graze on three to four cookies over the course of three hours as if that was a crazy amount of cookies to consume. I looked at him like he built a school for ants. Three cookies is not a lot….and eating them at a rate of one cookie an hour shows restraint I don’t understand. He has a point though; grazing is basically eating forever. Maybe I wouldn’t feel the urge to eat everything in sight at dinner because I haven’t been deprived for 3-6 hours (food is clearly my first love). I just want to eat all the fucking time, and what’s a better way to do that than snack continuously?

Recently, I realized I am a horrible snacker. One slice of cheese turns into four, and on my last road trip I grabbed a jumbo slim Jim instead of trail mix or a protein bar. The other day I munched through half a tin of Pringles. Luckily, it was one of the last days of 2014, so I can leave that shame spiral behind & start 2015 with a clean slate. So for 2015, I’m resolving to snack better. Celery with peanut butter (raisin ants not included), peanut butter apples, more nuts, baby breakfast tacos, other snacks… and that’s where I falter.

I would snack better if I knew how to snack better.

So maybe this resolution will become more of an exploration of what the pantry has to offer besides just cracker sandwiches and shame Pringles. Is there a way to make deluxe snacks like tailgate snacks in under 15 minutes and under 200 calories? Can I find snacks that don’t contain peanut butter but make me just as happy? Can tiny sandwiches be just as satisfying as a regular sized sandwich? Do brownies count as a deluxe snack!? Is there a way to incorporate more fruits and veggies without feeling like a rabbit? Can I stop asking rhetorical questions and become a snack connoisseur immediately?

Maybe I’ll revisit this resolution in six months and see how I’m doing. I’ll probably just end up sitting on my couch eating raw carrots until I never want to snack again.

Post by Lian Weinstein. Photo from