New Year’s Resolution: Cheese and More Cheese


I’ve had a love affair with cheese for most of my life. While I was growing up, cheese was such a large staple of my diet that my mother was afraid I would have a heart attack. And to this day I haven’t been able to cut down on my consumption.

Sadly, the range of my cheese tastes is limited, and growing up my predilections were nonsensically particular. I would eat artificial powder cheese in Easy Mac but turned my nose up at macaroni made with real cheese. I loved parmesan on pizza but couldn’t stand a slice of American on a burger. Cheese was tolerable on sandwiches but always stood better on its own, unadulterated by other flavors and textures.

As I’ve grown, I’ve begun to question my feelings about cheese. I love it so deeply and I couldn’t help but wonder what other options were out there. For something that takes up such a huge section of the grocery store, there had to be more than just mild cheddar.

There’s a whole world of cheese out there if only I can find the courage to step outside my comfort zone. I might risk breaking my heart, but I can’t turn down the chance to find something better than the inoffensive cheese-life I’ve built for myself.

So, for my New Year’s resolution, I’m going to try a variety of different cheeses to see what else is out there. I’ve had my share of exotic cheeses not too long ago, but I’m not looking to assault my senses. I want to be seduced, entranced, and converted to a new way of thinking.

How will I accomplish this? By eating an endless array of cheeses, of course! I’ll sample different varieties of hard cheeses like Gouda, Swiss, provolone, bleu cheese, muenster, and of course cheddar, alongside softer cheeses like Boursin and Brie to figure out what works and what doesn’t. A few months from now I’ll either have a diverse and informed palate or I’ll be hiding under the covers clutching a one-pound block of sharp cheddar for comfort. Only time will tell.

Post by Bailey James. Photo from oldnatchezweddings