New Year’s Resolution: Become an International Gourmand

So how about those New Year’s resolutions? The Silver Spork News staff has high hopes for this year and I’m sure you do too. But hey, does anyone actually follow through on their resolutions? Do we ever work out more and become better people? Or do we just slap a new label on an old product? The cynic in me says “yes” to that last one. But Silver Spork News is all about bucking those trends. We aren’t your mother’s food magazine; we’re the kind of people that set our goals for the New Year and give it at least 51% of our energy. It might not be 100%, but it’s still a majority. I know that because statistics is required to graduate college. Our staff members set some resolutions for themselves and they’re going to do their best to succeed. Whether we succeed or fail, expect some reflections later in the year.

Russian Red Caviar

Without further ado, here is my food resolution for the year.

Food is the key to cultural appreciation and understanding. Have I said that before? Probably about a hundred times. It’s one of my favorite food topics. This is the idea that takes food out of the kitchen and raises it up on a pedestal. So, when I started thinking about what I wanted to be my New Year’s Resolution, I realized that I wanted to commit to a year of multicultural cuisine.

To make it a little easier on me, I’ve already picked out my choices for the year. Every month will represent a new culture, so expect to learn a little bit about each of them as I go along. And the best part about this? I have a whole month between buying new materials for the kitchen. It was a tough list to make since I could only pick twelve; but hey, there’s always 2016.

Ready for the list? Because I’m pumped for this.
Cajun January
French February
Moroccan March
German April
Caribbean May
Japanese June
Hawaiian July
Spanish August
Indonesian September
Russian October
Turkish November
Thai December

Now, this list doesn’t mean I won’t continue to cover food from all cultures throughout the year. It just means that you can expect a little bit of focus (focus? That’s a weird notion). And Sporkers, if you know of any recipes from the aforementioned areas of cuisine, send them my way. I’ll be happy to give them a try and see what works and what doesn’t.

We’ve got a big year and some big plans ahead of us. I hope you’re ready because I have a feeling that 2015 is going to be a good one.

Happy New Year, Sporkers.

Post by Ian Sims. Photo from