Vegan Thin Mints


Girl Scout cookies are a magical thing. They are delicious, addicting, and at times, elusive. What is not so magical about them is how the damn Girl Scouts are constantly renaming them and changing the ingredients.

Good news out there for this latest ingredient change. Well, that is, good news if you’re a vegan. The Girl Scout company has officially made all of the Thin Mints vegan again! Last year you could find some boxes that were vegan and others that were not. Now it’s official: they are all now whey-free. The word on the street is that the flavor has not changed. Since whey is just a milk derivative, removing it from the cookies really doesn’t alter the flavor.

As of last year, the Thanks-A-Lot (who chooses these names?) cookie was also vegan, along with the Lemonades and the Cranberry Citrus Crisps. Luckily they are still vegan this year as well. We will see if they make the cut again next cookie season.

Now if the Girl Scouts could just get on board with making their coconut cookies, Samoas, vegan, the world would be a better place. They were vegan a few years back but they switched the recipe. Get it together, Girl Scouts. The vegans are watching your every cookie-related move.

A word to the wise, always be sure to read all ingredients before buying a box of these tasty cookies to ensure they are vegan. The recipes change too often to be sure. Now go out there into the world, Sporkers, and buy some cookies!

Post by Kylie Torres.