Lemon Drop Martini


Several years ago, I moved to downtown Denver with my college roommate. This was really our first “big person” apartment and so as we were unpacking, we decided to celebrate our newfound adulthood with an alcoholic beverage. Tired of the usual fare of cheap beer and frat house shots, we decided we must craft a more sophisticated cocktail, to suit our new position in the world. We settled on the fancy-schmancy lemon drop martini.

After finding the perfect recipe online, we walked to the liquor store to buy the ingredients. This was just after I turned twenty-one and I vividly remember the highly intimidating gentleman at the counter intently scrutinizing my I.D. against my face which made me feel like I was sporting a fake, even though I totally wasn’t. It didn’t help that my roommate is one of those people who will still look 13 well into her 30’s.

The recipe itself is pretty simple, and whoa is it strong! Well, let me clarify: if you have the correct materials, the recipe is simple. By this I mean a martini shaker. By which I mean we didn’t have one. So…we used saucepans. Don’t judge! That was all we had unpacked. But besides turning our new kitchen into a sticky war zone, the drink (okay drinks) were fantastic! And let’s face it; unpacking is always more fun with a little vodka thrown into the mix! Also Chinese food. Now, don’t take our dinner choice as an actual pairing recommendation; once again we were limited by lack of dinnerware, proximity, and well, laziness. But I’ve gotta say, the combo was sort of fantastic. Hope you enjoy!

Lemon Drop Martini

3 tablespoons vodka
1 tablespoons triple sec
1 and 1/2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon sugar (or to taste)
1 fresh lemon

Fill a martini shaker halfway full of ice. Add the vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, and sugar to the martini shaker. Shake the mixture. The shaker will get cold so feel free to wear gloves. No need to stand on ceremony unless you are showing off your bartending skills to company, in which case, breathe through the pain!

Cut the lemon into quarters. Take one of the quarters and make a medium sized cut into the center of the lemon. Run the cut lemon around the edge of the glass to coat the rim. Remove the lemon and dip the glass into a plate of sugar, spin clockwise if right handed (or counter-clockwise if a lefty), so it sticks in a nice, even circle. Now strip and squawk like a chicken! Ha, just making sure you were paying attention. Replace the lemon on the edge as a garnish, pour the mixture from the martini shaker into the glass and serve!

Enjoy the buzz Sporkers!

Post by Alex Castanon, Recipe from drinksmixer.com.