Quick Fix Dinner Mix: Jasmine Rice and Teriyaki Chicken

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I have a deep love of foods I can eat in bowls. Truth be told, I would pretty much eat all my meals out of a bowl if I could. So, when I have to make something quick for dinner (not necessarily because of time – more of an “I’M SO HUNGRY!” motivation), it usually consists of fixings that look good rounded.

The best quick meal I have consists of three things: jasmine rice, bell peppers, and teriyaki chicken. And while this is more about the overall meal, I will take a moment to advocate for the chicken. You can take the time to marinate some chicken breast strips, but I SUPER recommend buying Trader Joe’s “Heat and Serve Teriyaki Chicken Strips.”

Holy crap! they are good. These are the best ever purchase. I buy them every time I go to the grocery store. One time, they were out, and I bought another kind. It did the trick, but I felt such a food sadness over the lack of teriyaki.

And I swear, Trader Joe’s did not pay me to endorse their chicken. Although, seriously Trader Joe’s – I would (you could even pay me in “Two Buck Chuck” wine and “Pumpkin O’s” cereal).

Quick Fix Dinner Mix: Jasmine Rice and Teriyaki Chicken

Cook the jasmine rice according the package’s instructions (although, if you’re cooking for just yourself or two, you might want to cut the cook time and amount in half).

Bring 1 and ¾ cups water or broth (plus optional 1 teaspoon butter) to a boil. Add 1 cup rice slowly, stirring consistently. Bring back to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer. Stir once more. Cover the mixture and let simmer for 9 minutes.Then remove from heat and fluff with fork. Let rice rest uncovered for 5-10 min.

Dice and sauté bell peppers with olive oil (typically, I like a lot of color so I use red, yellow, and orange bell peppers). You can also add a diced onion to the mix for something extra.

Cook the chicken according to the package’s instructions and dice. Puncture film and microwave (on high) for 2-3 min. Let stand 1 min. and remove from package.

Combine the rice, peppers (plus onion), and chicken together in a bowl. If you want a little extra kick to the dish, you can add a dash of soy sauce. You’re ready to eat!

Post, Recipe, and Photo by Dayna Brownfield.