Hot Hazelnut Whiskey


Alright folks, we get it. It’s cold outside. It’s also wintertime, a phenomenon that has occurred annually for your entire life. But that should not stop you from enjoying the wondrous things winter has to offer. Things such as: a perfectly valid reason to stay home and watch Netflix on a Friday night, and the mystical, Pinterest-worthy world of warm, cozy, winter cocktails. That’s right. It’s time to quit your bitching and start drinking. Cheers to cold weather.

Hot Hazelnut Whiskey. Doesn’t that just sound a like a wonderfully Pinterestable, alcoholic hug? Don’t you just want to light some homemade candles, curl up with that drink under a Pottery Barn quilted throw, and watch Friends? It definitely sounds more fun than convincing yourself shots of Fireball are socially acceptable—you’re a big kid now, it’s time to drink whiskey like a big kid.

Hot Hazelnut Whiskey

4 parts milk
1 cinnamon stick
2 parts whiskey*
1 part Frangelico**
1 tablespoon whipped cream
Pinch of cinnamon for garnish

*This is a drink from across the pond, so leave your country pals Jack, Jim, and Evan in the cabinet and spend the night with an Irish man. We invited Jameson.

**This is how you know you’re a classy MF-er tonight.

Infuse the milk with cinnamon, either by simmering in a pot over a low heat, or steaming the milk and cinnamon using that fancy espresso maker you never learned how to use properly. (N.B. if you’re going to old-fashioned route and using a pot, remember to stir constantly, or the milk will stick on the bottom and you will ruin everything.)

Pour milk into glass, add alcohol, stir.

Top with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon.

Finally, Instagram that shit.

Now you are free to turn off your phone, binge watch Gilmore Girls, and know that you have made at least one wonderful decision this weekend.

Final Note: If you are of the weak and feeble breed that are not so hot on whiskey, our taste testers suggest switching the Frangelico to whiskey ratio. If you are one of the elite who have actually acquired a respectable taste in liquor, this would probably taste better with actual Scotch, but we’re broke AF and used what we had in the apartment. #helpmeimpoor.

Post by Jessica Gradolf. Recipe from