New Year’s Resolution: Shop Small Business


With a new year comes the drive towards following up with one life-changing New Year Resolution—of course, if you’re a procrastinator like me, this is an enterprise just waiting to fail. So I’m raising the stakes for my New Year’s Resolution, looking beyond just improving myself by working to give back to the community at large by pledging to food shop in support of small businesses.

“But Angeli, doesn’t that mean you’re just going to go out to restaurants like all the time?”

Well yes, that’s true…

….But small food businesses don’t just mean up-and-coming restaurants, though I am very interested in seeking those out, too. But I’m also talking about supporting farmer’s markets and specialty shops ranging from chartreuse to cheese, chocolate to craft beer, and everything else in between. I want to explore more of what my community has to offer by seeking out these savvy small business owners who take the risk of setting up their dream stores.

Because it takes a lot of guts to open up a food business in the ever-fickle, ever-changing foodie scene—and these pioneers of cuisine deserve all the kudos for giving their dreams a shot.

I do admit, it will be a bit of a pricy endeavor—but an overall investment that is definitely worth it. Despite what some disparaging papers on millennials may say: We’re not the cheapskate generation. In fact, I believe we’re rather conscious and concerned about where our money goes, and more empathetic to ideas of fair pay for goods and services—even with a tight job market and fairly low wages.  Hopefully, this project will also serve as a way to help me become more of a savvy shopper—or at least a savvy budgeter—along the way.

So, from New York City, to the suburbs of New Jersey, and even beyond (I’m pretty mobile), I pledge to explore and taste what the small business scene has to offer for hungry Sporkers looking to shop local.

Here’s to a New Year, and a new start, for all of us to reach our goals by supporting each other!

Post and Photo by Angeli Rafer.