Ten Minute Peanut Sauce

Sometimes it’s a good idea to cook something out of your comfort zone. Though, if you’re anything like me, the reality is that most things are out of your comfort zone. Today’s example: Thai food. I have recently become absolutely obsessed with Thai food. If I could eat it every day I would, but there’s no way in Hell I’d ever have the motivation to work out that much… so I just long for it. Such is life. You accept your fate and move on, right? But, what happens when you become curious and slightly adventurous after walking past a small Thai place (shoutout to Bangkok Cuisine) and get smacked in the face with those sweet and spicy smells of sauces dripped over rice noodles and glass noodles with pieces of chicken or beef …? Sometimes you just gotta take a leap.

My leap wasn’t really a leap. It was more of a hop, or a small trip that you try to turn into a skip to make other people think that you’re coordinated and didn’t just stumble over your left foot. Anyway, I decided to tackle one of my favorite Thai sauces instead of a full-blown, authentic meal, and I landed on peanut sauce.

If you’ve not tried peanut sauce or have told yourself more than once, “I’m just a soy sauce kind of guy,” then you need to shut your filthy mouth and find an article written exclusively about soy. Since this isn’t that article, GET OUT. For the rest of you, you already understand the importance of a quality peanut sauce. It makes or breaks your spring rolls. It defines your sa tay kai. It completes you. And I wanted to try to make such an important sauce? Madness, one might say.

But seriously though, I found this super easy recipe that will make you love me forever. I give to you, the 10-minute peanut sauce. BEGIN.


Ten Minute Peanut Sauce

1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup water
1/2 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon lime juice
2 cloves garlic, minced and crushed
1 tablespoon rice vinegar

Crush and mince that garlic. Just like the Half Blood Prince taught Harry to do with the Sopophorous bean. But really, that’s exactly how I did it…

Over low heat, add all of your ingredients to a pot and stir. The sauce will become more liquidy as the peanut butter warms up.

I was overly nervous about burning the PB, so I put a small pot into a larger pot filled with water, and made a double boiler. What can I say? I’m a genius.

Stir until your concoction is smooth. If you’d like it to be more liquidy, people say you can add more water until you get to your desired consistency (be warned, you may water down the flavors).

The original recipe asked for a whole lot more soy sauce (among other things). I went through the  user reviews before I made this and found that everyone complained about saltiness. My fix was reducing the amount of soy sauce and compensating with lime juice and rice vinegar. It turned out awesome!

This stuff is super good and I hope you enjoy it. It would probably go well with fellow writer Dayna’s Jasmine Rice and Teriyaki Chicken recipe. Because peanut sauce is delicious on everything. In desperate times, I’ve even used tortilla chips to use up the last bits of that peanutty goodness… NO JUDGING.

Wine of the Week

Time for another installment of Grace’s wine resolution. This week, I decided to go with a white wine. More specifically, a sauvignon blanc. For those who are not so familiar with wine, sauvignon blancs are on the sweeter side of wine, though definitely not as sweet as a dessert wine. I chose Hanna, a California wine. It tasted of apples and smelled like peaches. I know it sounds dumb, but those are the things I tasted. So there. Try it. Get back to me. Grace out.

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Post by Grace Tweedy.