Drunken Gummy Bears


“Are you there Vodka? It’s me. Gummy Bear.” Yes, it’s true, this seemingly innocent childhood treat will turn into a raging alcoholic given the opportunity. Gummy bears are drawn to vodka like a horse to water. Simply place a gummy bear in a bowl of vodka and it will chug and grow to 2-3 times its original size!

When I saw this online, I had to see if it was a hoax. I did this experiment myself, the pictures are actually from my kitchen. I took them to a football party that weekend and they were an absolute hit! Nobody can resist a gummy bear, especially one soaked in vodka!

Now, if you want a little variety, feel free to branch out and try the same experiment with other types of gummy treats. I would recommend the worms! They swell up even more than the bears! Mmm, slimy, yet satisfying.

Here are some cool facts about overgrown gummies before you head off to play with your food!

  • Think the drunken gummy is big? The world’s largest gummy bear is more than 6,200 times the size of its puny cousin. This heavyweight champ weighs in at 26lbs and is 17″ tall. Can you imagine all the booze that behemoth could consume?
  • According to guinnessworldrecords.com, bragging rights for the world’s largest gummy creation ever belong to Elisabeth Windisch. It took her six days and the finished product weighed a whopping 1,128.77 lbs! Holy hell, that’s a lot of gummy!


Drunken Gummy Bears

1 package gummy bears
vodka (enough to cover the bears)
glass bowl
plastic wrap

Put gummy bears in glass bowl. Pour vodka over the gummy bears. For maximum results, make sure the bears are completely submerged. Lightweights feel free to adjust the dosage of vodka. It is up to you to be strong though, because these bears have no self control and will guzzle till they drop.

Cover glass bowl with plastic wrap to prevent any unknowns from entering the mix. We are using a glass bowl instead of a plastic one because the omnipresent, mysterious they have said that plastic and vodka should never be crossed. It’s like feeding Gizmo after midnight, so be safe and just don’t do it.

Allow gummies to repose in their vodka bliss for three days, by which point the little fellas are three sheets to the wind and gorged to the gills. You can do longer or shorter but after the third day, the gummies lose their color and their faces sorta melt off. Ewww!

Remove the bowl from the fridge. Recycle excess liquid. That means drink it, don’t even think about throwing this mystical elixir down the drain! Serve and enjoy your delicious adult gummy treat!


Photos and post by Alex Castanon. Recipe from mixthatdrink.com